Home Theater Seating

Theatre Seats give you the full cinematic experience – right in your own home!

Combining  sophisticated design and unparalleled comfort, our luxurious Home Theater Seating provides all the features you need, to create the ultimate viewing experience. We are proud to carry the top quality brands, Palliser and Row One, that have been trusted for decades in the fine furniture manufacturing industry.

Luxury size – or compact size for smaller spaces – you can customize your theater seats to your unique taste, family size, and living space. These seats are designed for flexibility, and you can configure them for as many seats across as you need.

We offer both straight or curved seating configurations, in a variety of styles and finishes.

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How wide are theater seats?

They are some of the widest, most comfortable seating around! At a generous 25 inches wide, they compare to 19 inches for standard stadium seats, and 20.5 inches for Amtrack train seats and 21 inches for a Boeing 777 first-class seat.

Home theater seating by Palliser at-Nashville-Billiard-and-Patio Franklin Brentwood Murfreesboro

Home Theater Seating by Palliser – at Nashville Billiard & Patio

What should you look for when you shop home theater seating?

Seating and Headrest Height

People pay a lot of attention to width when considering comfort but when you’re watching a movie, resting your head comfortably is a major priority. You can provide comfort no matter the size of your room, so make sure your first priority is a chair with the right height for your audience.

Armrest Width

Often the difference between a space saver and an oversized chair is the width of the arms, not the width of the seat. While width of the seat matters, consider carefully what size arms you really need, because that is a great place to save space.

Your Personal Customization

Fortunately, Palliser and Row One come with a lot of personalization, colors and fabrics for every home. Come to the store knowing what you are looking for and expect to find it.

Choose Among the Extras

Seriously – this just might be the best part. LED cup-holders, storage arms, recliners, bass speakers built-in — these are just a few of the things you can get in your new luxury theater seating.


Leather Home Theater Seats with Stereo by Palliser

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