Kitchen Counter Stools & Barstools

Add an elegant and practical touch with new kitchen counter stools & bar stools

We offer a large selection of stools on display in the showroom, in a wide range of styles, including metal, wood, swivel and backless.

Hundreds of fabric and leather coverings are available, along with a multitude of finishes.

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Kitchen Counter Stools and Bar Stool Height And Measurements Guide Shop Nashville Billiard and Patio

Counter Stools and Bar Stool Width Requirements

What are the standard stool heights?

If you’re not sure about the stool heights, this will help:

Standard kitchen counter heights and table heights are usually 24-29 inches from the floor. Thus, kitchen stool seats heights may typically range from 34-39 inches high, measuring from the floor to the top of the seat.

Bars are usually 40-46 inches from the floor, and bar stool seat heights range from 30-36 inches, again measuring from the floor to the top of the seat.

Measure your bar or counter heights first

Before you come in, measure the height and length of the counter or bar for which you need stools. With these measurements in hand, we will help you calculate the best seating configuration for any of the styles we offer.

We carry adjustable stools and can even do custom height stools for unique counter heights.

Kitchen Counter Stools Bar Stools from Nashville Billiard and Patio

Kitchen Counter Stools and Bar Stools from Nashville Billiard and Patio

Kitchen Counter Stools: A Simple Way to Bring the Family Together

There are plenty of reasons to invest in kitchen counter stools, aka bar stools, but the best is to make life a little more convenient – and connected. Why not?

Is This You?

Are you a parent who rushes in from work and jumps straight into preparing the evening meal for your family? You may feel that you often miss spending more one-on-one time with your children.

Well, you’re not alone – many parents are committed to working long hours in order to make ends to meet. But there’s a simple solution that can help change that. You can even take action today to have a little extra time with your kids tonight.

Counter or Bar Stools Create Quality Time

Pick up a few counter or barstools, and tonight you can connect with your little ones (and not-so-little ones) as they sit nearby and tackle their homework. You can answer their questions without needing to completely stop what you’re doing. Chop veggies as you read their assignment with them.

You can create a little more quality time with your child while spending constructive time for both of you. All it takes to circle ‘round with your child before dinner is something as simple as a few new counter stools!

Connect With Teenagers

Let’s assume your teenager likes to eat on the run, so to speak – doesn’t care much for joining the family for meals, or even grabbing a quick snack in the presence of the parents. Well, this is quite normal among teenagers. But here’s your chance to switch the game around a little bit.

Many teenagers, as well as younger children, enjoy sitting on counter stools, because they seem to break all the rules, especially if you get stools with backs, and stools that swivel.

All the times you asked them to keep the chair’s four legs on the floor are quickly tossed out the window. Now you can caution them about spinning too fast on the swivel stools as they’re eating, doing their homework, or talking on the phone.

Your children, as well as guests of all ages alike, are going to love sitting on your new counter stools as you chat and enjoy your time together.

Kitchen Counter and Bar Stools at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Kitchen Counter and Bar Stools at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Kitchen Counter – The New Fun Hangout

If you don’t have children, let us paint you a different picture. Your kitchen area is a little crowded, with not much room to put a table, so you’re relegated to eating your meals in the living room – on trays in front of the tube. Not only is this unhealthy, but it’s also unnecessary.

You can utilize your kitchen counter space, doubling it as a table top, by simply adding counter stools. With many different stool heights, styles and colors to choose from, you will be delighted with the new stools you add to your kitchen.

As you can see, a counter stool is multifunctional, it can give you back valued time to spend with your children, bring the older kids back into the same room with the family as they eat, and give you a place to sit in comfort while you’re eating your meal together.

Come see our showroom choices and explore your custom options!