Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables are a popular choice of game room equipment in many homes, arcades, bars and clubs

Air hockey is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a fast-paced game that is exciting to play and takes practice and skill in order to win. Are you ready for the challenge?

Air Hockey Table Ella model Nutmeg at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Air Hockey Table Ella model Nutmeg at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Two basic shots 

Air hockey is a great game to play any time! At its simplest, air hockey consists of a table, two handles and a puck. With the handles, your objective is to get the puck into the opponent’s goal. You do this by swinging the puck back and forth. That’s really simplifying things. You learn strategy, technique, and a whole lot more

If you want to win at air hockey, you first need to know the basic shots. There are others, but you can start out with just these two. They are the ‘bank shot’ and the ‘straight shot’.

You should get to know these two first, very well, and then you’ll certainly want to add a little more sophistication with a few others, like the ‘juke’, ‘pump fake’, and ‘drift’ shots.

Air Hockey Accessories Nashville Billiard and Patio Tennessee

Air Hockey Accessories Nashville Billiard and Patio 

Develop your technique

‘Technique’ with the puck is very important too. You’ll learn how to use your wrist instead of your arm. It’s a matter of control, versus power and speed, much of the time. If you use your arm in a wide sweeping or thrusting motion, the puck can easily fly off the table – and getting back on defense can be more challenging.

How do air hockey tables work?

The playing surface of the table has holes through which air is forced upwards – which carries the puck lightly above the surface. Thus, the puck doesn’t experience any friction from the playing field itself. The puck  shoots fast and furiously – that’s what makes the gamed so exciting! 

Scores are recorded on a special electronic scoreboard that hangs above the table or is mounted on the table itself.

How to win at air hockey…

Air hockey is one of the most thrilling table games for two players. To win, you need the right combination of strategy, skill and strength.

Tip for Beginners:

Instead of using a sideways motion, and swiping in order to hit the puck, you want to actually go at the puck from behind, striking it forward to your target. This technique transfers more power to the puck for how much better shot.

Tip Number Two:

Rebounds off the back wall are inevitable if you’re striking the puck properly. In fact, ricochet shots often end up scoring against yourself. How frustrating is that?!

Avoid this is much as possible – make it a habit to return to your defensive position as quickly as possible after you make a shot, That’s certainly your best position, to be able to block your opponent every time.

Where to Buy an Air Hockey Table?

Air hockey is always great fun for the clubhouse, the company canteen, and certainly for any space in your home.

Nashville Billiard & Patio has high quality, well-made, reliable air hockey tables made by Olhausen, Dynamo, Legacy and Imperial  that will surely suit your playing style, experience and your budget.

Come browse our showroom – and challenge us to a game – on the table of your choice! 



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