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Darts is a game enjoyed worldwide!

Whether you play in big time tournaments, leagues – or at home, everyone can enjoy a good game of darts. This is a great equalizing game since it does not require any elaborate equipment, and because players can enjoy competing with one another regardless of age, gender, size, or strength.

The kids can beat Grandpa – and Grandpa can beat the kids!

If you’re looking for an easy and fun hobby or family game to pick up, then try getting the basics to give it a try. Many people love it because it’s cheaper than many games, and because it lasts for a long time, maybe a lifetime.

No two games are quite the same, so it can provide endless hours of entertainment and laughter. It really becomes a challenge to do things better and better the more you play!

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What darts equipment do you need – just to start?

If you’re just starting out and want to watch the budget, you don’t need a lot in the way of darts equipment. You really only need two things in order to learn, and even to play a great game: a dartboard and 3 darts – that’s it!

Of course, as you play more and get better, it’s fun to try different types of darts and accessories. But those two items are all you absolutely must have just to get started!

How do you play darts?

A game of darts usually involves two players, with three darts each. Darts is a very simple game. Professional Players begin with a total score of 501. They take turns trying to hit the bullseye (or bull’s-eye) or the largest numbers possible.

Each player gets three throws per turn. At the end of their first turn they deduct the total points they hit from 501.

The winner is the first player to reduce their score to exactly zero. Reducing your score to 1 or below zero is a bust and the player’s score goes back to what it was at the beginning of that turn. Of course, there are a few more darts rules, but they’re easy to learn in just a few minutes, and you’ll play a solid game very quickly.

Dartboard Darts Bullseye Score 50 Points Inner Ring Red 25 Points Outer Ring Green Nashville Billiard & Patio

How many points for a BULLSEYE?!?

The bullseye is the very center of a target, and it’s usually red. When you hit the very center, that shot itself is also called a bullseye.  The bullseye scores 50 points. There is also an outer ring which is usually green. When your shot hits the outer ring, you score 25 points.

Professional players aim strategically at certain numbers in order to reduce their score to exactly zero as fast as possible. The game is really quite challenging and is always a whole lot of fun! 

Come browse our selection – the Nashville Billiard & Patio staff will be happy to share their knowledge and answer any questions that come up.

Start having more fun today!