Patio Dining Sets are Essential to Leisurely Outdoor Living

We offer quality outdoor dining sets by OW Lee, Castelle, Kingsley Bate, Woodard and others.

Find the best selection of outdoor dining sets and a wide variety of fire pit dining tables!

Dining outdoors is now an elegant, rustic or eclectic option for anyone with a patio, deck, porch, balcony, rooftop, or backyard living space.

We’ve come a long way from the days of weathered wooden picnic tables and rickety benches!

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New! Fire Pit Dining Tables

It’s the greatest conversation warmer anywhere – the Fire Pit Dining Table!

A natural conversation starter, the dancing flames also give permission to enjoy a lull in the conversation. It’s invaluable for a first date – or any date.

Marina Fire Pit Dining Table by O.W. Lee Tivoli Outdoor Dining Chairs Kingsley Bate all at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Marina Fire Pit Dining Table by O.W. Lee and Tivoli Outdoor Dining Chairs Kingsley Bate

For a Truly Remarkable Experience

Whether you’re entertaining for dinner, or just enjoying a refreshment at home, you’ll appreciate the instant relaxation this table offers. The table top provides plenty of room for drinks and a full dinner setup.

We carry a variety of table sizes, heights and styles. Buy dining table and chair sets, such as the one pictured above, or mix and match pieces, to achieve the unique look you have in mind.

Propane or Gas Powered

Fire Pit Tables are powered by gas, for those with home service already installed, or the popular propane, which is replenishable through the access panel in the middle of the table.

Designed for simplicity, elegance and functionality, a fire pit dining table makes for a truly remarkable and memorable evening.