Fire Pits

Stunning outdoor fire pits add ambiance to any outdoor living space

Design your own fire pit or table to fit seamlessly into your patio or backyard space!

Beautiful pits and tables are available in many different shapes, sizes, and even heights. The modern fire pit is a gas or propane-burning structure, usually made of stone, brick and metal.

Fire Pit Art by Third Rock Outdoor Furniture Nashville Billiard and Patio

Fire Pit Art by Third Rock at Nashville Billiard and Patio

You can pick from various metal finishes, and choose either porcelain or cast aluminum tops. Fire pits connect to a standard propane tank and most will also connect to a gas line.

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Relax – they all have a common safety feature

They are designed to complement your outdoor gathering spot – and they’re built for safety, service and longevity. The common safety feature of residential fire pits today is that they’re all carefully designed to contain fire and prevent it from spreading.

Why are Fire Pits and Fire Tables so popular now?

They’ve become enormously popular over the last few years, but especially 2018 over 2017. According to Google Trends (as of this writing), year-over-year  interest in outdoor fire pits in general has literally tripled! And that level of interest is running about parallel with interest in fireplaces.

Fire Pit Dining Table Chairs by Woodard Outdoor Patio Furniture at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Fire Pit Dining Table and Chairs by Woodard Outdoor Patio Furniture

They bring the atmosphere to life!

People love them for setting the tone in any outdoor living area – for very good reasons! If you’ve caught just about any exterior remodeling episode on HGTV or the DIY network lately, I’m sure you’ve seen the show’s Designer or Contractor tackle a pretty rough-looking backyard.

After all the sod, landscape, paving, outdoor furniture, umbrellas, pergolas, grills and whatnot, the crowning glory is… yes,the fire pit – nestled smack in the middle of the conversation area.

They’re just so irresistible! Some people feel they’re second only to a new monster grill, or a keg! (OK, well, they never add a keg, but they should!!)

Fire Pits and Laughter Go Together Like Table and Chairs Outdoor Furniture Sets Nashville Billiard and Patio

Fire pits and laughter just go together, like…

… well, like Stars & Stripes, like George & Gracie, like New Orleans and Mardi Gras!

Fire Pits are instantly relaxing. We’re all mesmerized by the lively flames as they jump and dance around. After the chaos of a busy day, a Fire Pit invites us to sit down with others and leave it all behind for a few minutes, let yourself get caught up in conversation – and laugh!

Fire Pit by OW Lee Outdoor Furniture at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Outdoor Fire Pit by OW Lee at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Early on a Friday evening as the sun sets, you join your friends on the deck in the backyard, sink into your favorite chair with a chardonnay in one hand, and the roaring fire in front of you. It just doesn’t get any better than this. (Unless you prefer sparkling!

My neighborhood has restrictions on burning wood outdoors… What are my options for fire pits?

When burning wood is restricted in a residential area, many residents enjoy the clean, crisp burn of an updated gas or propane fire pit. They’re so easy to start, easy to control, and overall they’re less worrisome. Because they are so INCREDIBLY EASY, you will certainly enjoy it more often.

A Fire Pit creates the focal point for your outdoor gathering space. It extends your entertainment room, and it’s not just for guests – it’s for YOU!

Fire Pit Art by Third Rock at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Fire Pit Art by Third Rock at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Are fire pits safe?

When it comes to safety, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you are allowed to have a one in your local area. Some neighborhoods may restrict the use of them, while others gladly welcome them.

Here are some basic safety tips: Know your city and county codes requirements and …

Fire Pit by Music City Fire Company with Sound Reactive Flames at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Fire Pit by Music City Fire Company – with ‘Sound Reactive’ Flames!

Different Locations, Different Uses

Consider Grant and Caroline, who each chose to buy their new fire pit to fit their own unique lifestyle…

Caroline lives in Hendersonville Tennessee, about 30 miles north of Nashville.

Caroline and her family just love the peace and quiet of their rolling Hendersonville property, situated at the top of a hill, on a small lake. You can walk out the back door, down the manicured lawn, and straight into the water, where Caroline taught all her kids about water safety at an early age. From the comfy chairs on her expansive deck, you  can see for miles around – summer or winter. She loves to track the planets in the night sky above Hendersonville.

Caroline’s closest neighbor is about a half mile away. Her kids now have their own kids, and as an ‘Empty Nester’, she enjoys the tranquility of her lovely.   It’s especially beautiful at night with a clear sky, glittering stars  and the fire table flames dancing. And not just in the Fall, but during all seasons in Middle Tennessee.

Grant, on the other hand, is a lifelong resident of Murfreesboro TN, located about 25 miles southeast of Nashville. He’s attracted to the small town atmosphere of the Boro, where he knows all his neighbors. You might find him at a local fun-stop with his young boys, playing a game of pool or testing his skills at the classic arcade game machines. He takes his kids to Boro Beach on Memorial Boulevard in the summer, and parties down on the Boro Art Crawl every other month.

Grant lights up his fire pit when he pulls out the cooler, ices down the brews, cranks UP the music, and hollers at his fishing buddies to come over Friday after work – and ‘throw back a few’.

Fire Pit with Sound Reactive Flames by Music City Fire Co located in Murfreesboro TN now at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Fire Pit Table with Sound Reactive Flames – by Music City Fire Company, located in Murfreesboro TN, now available at Nashville Billiard and Patio!

Caroline chose the clean lines and simple design of a low profile fire table, and surrounded it with deep-seated lounge chairs, in order to lay back and gaze at the sky to the sounds of the crackling fire.

For high-tech evening entertainment, Grant chose the newest, most progressive fire table design available – which produces the world’s first ‘sound-reactive fire’!

Outfitted with music, speakers and a remote control, the table models we carry by Music City Fire Company actually dance with the music!

So cozy up near the fire – with a fire pit or fire table from Nashville Billiard & Patio. We offer stunning models by top quality brands; OW Lee, Homecrest, Patio Renaissance, Woodard, S&S Firepits, FireArt. And we want to give a special shoutout to Music City Fire, located right around the corner – right here in Murfreesboro Tennessee!