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Antique Pool Table Brunswick Centennial Nashville Billiard and Patio Franklin Brentwood Murfreesboro

Antique Pool Table Brunswick Centennial

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As you can see, it’s best to go with a high quality, solid wood table. We can help you navigate these things and choose a fine piece of furniture that will be an investment for your family for generations to come.

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About Vintage Tables

High quality, brand name vintage tables are often handed down from one generation to the next. These are tables that have often been kept in the family and generally not abused. Sometimes they may show signs of neglect, but overall stored well, and in relatively good shape. They may only need cosmetic help, such as re-felting or touching up the wood.

If you find an antique billiard table you’re interested in, first look for a plate with manufacturer’s name and the model of the table. You should be able to find this on the head rail, the end from which you break. It’s your best bet to go with well-known names such as Brunswick, established in the U.S. in 1845, at a time when the high-end billiard tables were all imported from England.

Brunswick Balke Collender Building circa 1930s - Antique Pool Tables at Nashville Billiard and Patio

Brunswick Balke Collender Building circa 1930s

Brunswick Name Changes

Brunswick was initially known as J. M. Brunswick Manufacturing Company (1845), and was renamed many times over the years; J. M. Brunswick and Brother (1860); J. M. Brunswick and Balke (1874); and Brunswick Balke Collender (1884). They are the first billiard table manufacturer in the US, and you may find tables with all these Manufacturer names.

Billiards in the Early 1900’s

Billiards in America was most popular in the 1920s. Pool rooms were plentiful, with New York City boasting 5000 of them.

Men frequented these places, to simply hang around, smoke, wager, and to play pool. At this time, you could also find pool tables made by different us manufacturers, such as Premium American Billiard Tables, B.A. Stevens Company, and others.

Wealthy industrialists and philanthropists in the early 1900s enjoyed billiard tables at home in their mansions; J. P. Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Andrew Carnegie all enjoyed their billiards.

Antique Pool Table Brunswick Conqueror Nashville Billiard and Patio Franklin Brentwood Murfreesboro

Antique Pool Table – Brunswick Conqueror – Vintage Table

Beautiful Solid Wood Construction

Many of the old tables are quite beautiful, made with solid maple, walnut, and rosewood – and many different inlays of contrasting woods, in intricate patterns. For woodworking lovers, they are indeed pieces of art. See images of many antique Brunswick styles, which can sell for $25,000 and more – up to $250,000.

A quality table has a solid wood frame, so that it can support up to 500 pounds, including the heavy slate. Also, solid wood will hold screws better than particle board or plywood.

Signs of High Quality

The frame should support the slate on all surfaces. The rails on the top edges of the table should also be solid wood. If they are less than solid wood, they may become damaged when the rubber needs to be replaced. The same is true for replacing the table’s cloth. The cloth is held by staples, which are more secure in solid wood than in particle board.

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